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project life 2013

project life - june 2013

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you guys! i finally took photos of my project life pages!

week 23:

highlights of the first week of june? guest pinning for etsy, guest posting at habit, and the big apple BBQ.

 week 24:

macarons with ali & maya, olivia started walking for real, father's day and a fun visit with the that-cacapardo clan.

week 25:

peonies & blueberries = summer, AMIRITE?

insert for my dear friend heather's parent's 40th anniversary. featuring a cameo by her cousin, warby parker co-founder, neil!

week 26:

fun with co-workers and the beginning of our road trip to indiana.

next up -- july!

project life update

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you guys. i am so behind on project life. the end of may is kind of scraggly and this page is probably the most complete thing i have for june or july. but! i am hoping to get some PL QT (project life quality time) in on friday and over the weekend, so maybe i'll have a for real update soon . . . ish?

project life - march 2013

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oh, march. you are always a tricky month. teases of spring & blasts of winter weather. the mister's birthday and the beginnings of blooms mixed with biting winds and longing for warmer days. (and yes, i know that as i am posting this it is almost may. seriously. where does the time go??)

that chicago theatre title card might be my favorite PL thing ever. the fact that my mom & brother drove to the city for dinner is pretty great, too. so are these two lovely ladies at the bottom. (hi kim! hi kelly!)

chris & i had a fun day in williamsburg on the friday before his birthday. i saw that super hero wrapping paper a while ago and knew it would be perfect for him. i mean, c'mon. it's got BOBA FETT on it.

my hoosiers made it to the sweet sixteen. sadly, they didn't go any further. still, it was exciting to watch them!

elizabeth and i had a fun day hanging out in the city. i took her to the brooklyn art library. so much fun.

it's sad that we live so far away from our families, but i also kind of love taking screen shots when we skype with them!

one more look at that chicago title card. LOVE.

project life - february 2013

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it's almost april! how did that happen? better hurry up and post february pages of project life!

omg, you guys, those bottom two photos of olivia crack. me. up.


still can't get over those roses at duane reade.

valentine's day week was so pretty!!

love those coca-cola cards from sarah.

we had an oscar viewing party! and i made my mom's sugar cookies for the first time. amaze.

cut the winners list out of entertainment weekly and stuck it in that cute little brown bag.

why, yes, i DID save my tray paper from shake shack. what.

tania threw loc a super fun 40th birthday party and chris & i became obsessed with the west wing. <3

march's pages are almost done . . . just need to finish up this week and go back and fill in a few holes. ;)

project life - january 2013

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project life 2013 -- let's do this!

using elise's seafoam kit this year and absolutely LOVING it so far.

dedicated an entire page to the event of a thread. love how it turned out.

i eyed that showtime ad in the subway all week and made sure to bring my DSLR on friday to get a shot of it to use as my title card. =)


another full page dedicated to elizaeth's wedding!!

a fun day at the impossible project sample sale and brunch with erinholly & tania.

and then there was ms. purkey's farewell party. sad? yes. epically fun? also yes.

i played along with ali's day in the life on the 31st. i kept it simple by using baseball card pages and just digitally stamping the time on each photo. fun and easy.

and that's january!