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Entries in project life 2012 (10)


project life - week 35

big thanks to photojojo for featuring my project life album in the new year's eve newsletter!

if you are here from there, let me give you the scoop on project life. it's a super easy scrapbooking system created by becky higgins. all you really need is a binder album, page protectors, a core kit, a pen and your photos! it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. there are some really great editions out right now with a couple of more on the way (i'm really looking forward to using seafoam in 2013!). and becky recently released some fun and practical baby editions. i've got the neutral one; hoping to make an olivia specific book over the next few months.

as for me, i love to print photos to fit the various pockets and add labels to jot some journaling. my trust date stamp helps me document and i love me some pretty washi tape to embellish.

i also LOVE to take screen shots of twitter, facebook, etc. on my iphone and slip those in to the 3x4 pockets. super fun. business cards and little things like the admission badge from the met are also fun to hold on to. basically, project life lets me hoard all those little things without making me look like an acutal hoarder!

if you are new to project life, january 1st is a great place to start! but don't worry if it takes you a few weeks to gather all of your supplies. the great thing about this project is that you can work on it at your own pace. you could do a half-page spread per week or even a entire month! the great thing is just to document what you can, when you can. it is so much fun to look back on when the year is done.


any questions? hit me up in the comments!




project life - weeks 32 - 34

week 32 . . . let's go back in time to summer, shall we? the olympics were still going strong, orla for method came out and the mister & i went on a date to celebrate our anniversary a few days early.

loved all of those google doodles during the olympics. and olivia loved chewing on her feet! (crazy babies.)

week 33 - the mister & i celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. THIRTEEN people. that's just crazy pants.

it was also polaroid week over on flickr. i used some design I inserts to slip in scanned copies of my instant film shots for the week.

totally stole this cut up photo booth strip idea from elise. LOVE IT.

week 34 -- lots of internet friend meet ups!

love that photo of chris changing olivia's diaper. such an every day kind of moment.

also love meeting up with lots of great ladies! kristen, cozbi, pei, alice & kelly. good eggs, all.

and seriously. how cute is jessa and amit's pup, leah? (TOO CUTE.)

also? macarons. that is all.


project life - weeks 30 & 31

week 30 -- the olympics started!

brunch in dumbo, ice cream, grand central, and cute sidewalk art in my neighborhood.

photo of the tv during the opening ceremonies, mad men season 5, and my new favorite shirt from anthropologie.

i found this taxi cab print and made a 3x4 card of it to document all the cab rides i was taking due to tendonitis in my foot.

week 31 -- more olympics!

olivia cut her first two teeth this week.

loved these free olympics downloads from crashnotes. they came in so handy for project life!

the peaches photo is another instagram cropped to 4x6 with the lobster font on top. lots of journalling behind that chevron card.

project life, you're the bestest.




project life - weeks 28 & 29

week 28 was kind of sparse in the content department . . . but that's always the way the week after vacation, isn't it?

received my kelly purkey hashtag and geotag stamps. super excited for kelly and all of her awesome new products. that postcard on the bottom right came with a zulily order. i'm thinking about busting out some crayons and coloring it in. what do you think? should i?

i made a little pie chart of what i'm drinking these days out of washi tape. not sure if i love it or not, but it does add some nice color to this page. lots of japan-related filler, as a friend of a friend was getting ready to move to tokyo. also! a friends boy/girl twin babies were born!!!

week 29 was a bit more eventful. brunch, national ice cream day, and a date night!

the ice cream paper is by dear lizzy and the labels are all martha stewart for avery at staples.

printed this instagram photo as a 4x6, instead of a 4x4 and added text in photoshop. love how it turned out!

i added some digital stiching from a freebie from digitally smitten. also, i love printing out book covers and movie posters to keep a visual reminder of the week's pop culture. i've always hung on to movie ticket stubs and now having a place for them in project life makes me super happy!


project life - weeks 26 & 27

well, i seem to have fallen off of the bandwagon when it comes to blogging about project life, but happily, i'm still plugging along with my physical book. so, probably no blog posts for weeks 15-25. maybe i'll get around to going back and posting about them. but i'm probably better off just moving forward, yes?

week 26 marked the start of album number two. i wanted to keep week 26 in album number one, but our vacation straddled weeks 26 and 27 and it felt strange to break them up. so, here we go. summertime. project life style.

i'm kind of in love with my book two title page. don't you just want to dive in to that golden water?

week 26 spread (minus inserts)

this week, i used the state face font that design editor posted about to make a little state to state road trip card. the "away we go" card is from bananafish studio.

the insert covers our first and second days in indiana. the one above is of our day spent with the in-laws. for the journalling card, i used state face again and added a geotag stamp from kelly purkey.

the back side of the insert is our first day at the lake where my family lives. olivia had her first dip in the lake! she also had her first matrix-style slow-mo fight with our friend's daughter. :)

the right side of the spread covers more of our general travel, like crossing bridges, driving past farmland and eating at chick-fil-a. there is some journalling inside that card covered with paper from the american crafts shoreline collection. 

and i love how that martha stewart label fit perfectly on the circle paper.

week 27 covered a few more days of vacation, the fourth of july and a very hot day at a ball game.

olivia's first ride in a cart at target definitely needed its own spot, yes?

a baseball card page protector showcases ALL (well, most) of the people that olivia met for the first time while we were in indiana. so many shots to love here.

backside of the insert. even more peeps!

the right side is mostly july 4th and the cubs vs. mets game on saturday. just for the record, i did not take that photo of the fireworks. i borrowed it from flickr. (i WISH i had taken that photo!)

the week in review journal card is sporting some die cuts from october afternoon.

i LOVE that project life gives me a spot to keep tickets and things. it makes me happy. the cubs lost, though, which makes me sad.

i totally copied design editor on the 4th of july card. (thanks for the idea, catherine!)

now, let's ooh and aah over my title page again. *sigh* i love that photo so much.