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pinterest HQ

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when i was in san francisco last month for re:make, i had the chance to stop by the pinterest headquarters and take a tour with enid. in the end, it's just an office, but what an amazingly cool office! i would like to work there plz.

that table is made out of yardsticks!

super sweet neon signage.

a really cool art installation near the entrance.

the pinterns lego wall. LOVE the ampersand and pinterest logo!!

all of the conference rooms are named after pinterest memes. ;)

i think enid said this was originally supposed to be a library, but they decided to turn it in to a bar. good choice.

the ubiquitous ryan gosling.

all of the printers are named after star wars characters. so rad.

more cool art.

and they have not one, but two, letterpress machines.

i think i need to apply for a job there, stat.

san francisco, day 4, part 1

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saturday morning was spent at the beautiful ferry plaza farmer's market. i shot a portrait for my project and then we met up with the lovely leslie and wandered around for a bit.

leslie & i each got an obama 2012 button. got start campaigning early!

the inside of the ferry building was so beautiful.

leslie & dani . . . most likely instagramming.


pretty, pretty ladies

keeping in mind that we were there in early april -- aren't these tulips beautiful? i heart spring.

later on, we met up with the fabulous leah (excuse me, DR. REICH) at the thirsty bear for lunch.

isn't she pretty?

then, we headed over to dogpatch to check out mr. & mrs. miscellaneous for ice cream. leah was super excited because they had bananas foster, but it was sold out by the time we got there. sad.

above left: leah demostrates how to change film while holding on to an ice cream cone. lady has skillz, yo.

above right: dani being her normal adorable self.

mmm, ice cream. a good start to the day, for sure! plenty more to come. i'll get around to posting it . . . eventually.


san francisco, day 3, part 3

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ahhh, the golden gate bridge. one of the main reasons for our trip. when dani picked the final color of bittersweet, i think we both knew that the bridge would be a great place to search for our last color.

that's a pretty darn close match, wouldn't you say?

dani & ricky. so adorbs.

me & chris. awwww.


cousin it . . . i mean, dani with the wind doing a number on her hair.

is this the spot where they test the paint to make sure it is the right color? or do you think random people off the street are trying to match it on their own?

*so* glad i caught this shot. the sweetest.

a cliche for sure, but such a lovely one, don't you think?

after giving the bridge some love, ricky kindly indulged our request to drive down lombard street. it really is quite something!

then, we swung by alamo square to see the painted ladies, aka the "full house" house.

then, we all headed back to pj & martin's house and were greeted warmly by baba & desi.

desi did come around though. ;)

then, we all headed off for dinner at a kitchsy mexican place near pj & martin's house. tasty!

san francisco, day 3, part 2

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after our adventures in clarion alley, we headed down a few blocks to the curiosity shoppe so i could check out lisa congdon's collection a day exhibit.

then we wandered in to 826 valencia and enjoyed browsing all of the pirate-y goodness. we also stopped in to paxton gate next door.

as we were driving around, ricky said to tell him if anything grabbed our eye and he would stop, so when chris spotted this awesome DC comics mural, we just had to get out and shoot it.

across the street was the adorable beauty bar. it had such a lovely exterior.

after searching high and low for a starbucks so dani & i could get some black iced tea lemonades, we finally made our way to chinatown. (really, it shouldn't have been that difficult to find one; we just always seemed to be on the wrong side of a median or a one-way street away from one.)

there was so much to look at that it was a bit overwhelming. and really? san francisco's chinatown puts new york's to shame.

maybe one my favorite polaroids that i've taken. ever.

kind of kicking myself for not buying one of these license plates with my name on it. but i do love the blues and yellows in this pairing.

stayed tuned for part three!


san francisco, day 3, part 1

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our third day in san francisco dawned bright & sunny yet again and we met up with dani & ricky for a big day of adventures!

we started off in search of brunch and came across this sweetie pie of a pup on our way to the clement street bar & grill, which ended up being closed, since it was a weekday.